The Team

The Nemetos team is a multi-cultural, multi-geographical team of the finest developers, UXers and project managers.

We work hard to ensure that our team really are the best of the best.

All our expert developers are Sitecore certified, using the latest platform, and are given ongoing training to ensure they have the latest knowledge and most advanced development skills. Our project managers are also all trained continuously to ensure that we’re always delivering greatness. All teams at Nemetos are trained and dedicated to agile methodologies.

United Kingdom, London
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  • Country United Kingdom
  • Office London Office
  • Phone +44 7736 148 526
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  • Roger Colletta
    Roger Colletta

    Business Development Director

    Tel.: +44 7736 148 526

    Roger has a background in senior sales and business development roles in a range of organisations. He has successfully worked with clients in a number of industry sectors including banking and finance, payments, trading, wealth management, retail investment savings and business intelligence. 

    Roger has a degree in economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the Open University Business School.
    Contact Roger for all initial sales enquiries.

  • James Derry
    James Derry

    CFO and Co-Founder Nemetos

    Tel.: +44 7535 928 754

    James trained initially as a Chemical Engineer (Imperial College London) and has subsequently spent time with a number of companies, such as Accenture and Ericsson, in both strategic and marketing roles. James brings to the client a combination of technical understanding and strategy which gives and edge in online marketing.

    James has worked with .NET based content management systems since 2000 and as Marketing Director for Sitecore Group gained a depth of understanding for both the product and the market.

  • Michael Haahr
    Michael Haahr

    CTO Nemetos Group

    Tel.: +44 7775 664 331

    Michael is the Chief Technology Officer of Nemetos and responsible for developing the technology vision and direction for Nemetos both inward and outward facing. Michael has a degree in computer science and more than 15 years of experience working with software development including more than 11 years of experience working with various Content Management Systems.

    Throughout his career Michael has always had a strong technical focus specifically on good architecture and system integrations and can convey technical content to non-technical audiences.

  • Caroline Lambie
    Caroline Lambie

    Client Relationship Manager

    Tel.: +44 7841 203863

    Caroline is a Client Relationship Manager for our clients in the UK and the Netherlands.  She has over 20 years experience in the digital arena, designing and managing websites and working with clients on their digital transformation strategies.

    Caroline’s role is to work effectively with the client to make sure their requirements are fulfilled.  As CRM, she will monitor hours, project plans and budgets and make sure that all aspects of the client relationship are on track.

  • Alexandra Brind
    Alexandra Brind

    Finance and Accounts 

    A graduate in French, German and European Studies, Alex has 16 years experience of financial, business and project management, analysis and reporting within small and medium-sized enterprises in London and Brighton.
    Alex looks after the finances for our UK, Swiss and German offices.

Germany, Hamburg
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  • Country Germany
  • Office Hamburg Office
  • Phone +49 40 303 909 50
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  • Peter Meurer
    Peter Meurer

    Sales Team Leader

    Tel.: +49 162 58 07 385

    Peter is the Account Manager for Nemetos in Germany. His overall responsibility is to develop and nourish business relations with our German customers. Peter is native German based in our office in Hamburg.  He is fluent in both Danish and German and has a deep understanding of both cultures.

    With an educational background in IT & Communication and more than 7 years of sales experience, Peter knows the challenge faced and understands how to help our clients to execute their online strategies.

Nemetos Switzerland, Luzern
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  • Country Nemetos Switzerland
  • Office Luzern Office
  • Phone +41 787 496 111
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  • Danjal Joensen
    Danjal Johan Joensen

    CEO and Co-Founder Nemetos

    Tel.: +41 798 896 875

    Danjal Johan Joensen, CEO Nemetos Group, co-founder based in the Luzern Office. Danjal has a technical background from Copenhagen Business School (Computer Science and Economics).

    He has a broad technical and project management experience, having been developing and managing Sitecore projects for the last 12 years.  His experience is put to good use providing guidance and support to our clients.

  • Jenny Edwards Katzer
    Jenny Edwards Katzer

    Business Development Director DACH  (Switzerland, Germany & Austria)

    Tel.: +41 787 496 111

    Jenny is Business Development Manager for Nemetos Switzerland. She is the first point of contact for digital solution assessment, solution and service proposals and agreements as well as editor and administration training for Nemetos Switzerland.

    Jenny is a British/Swiss citizen working in our Luzern office. She is Bachelor of Commerce with German and has 10 years of experience in marketing, product and project management for international companies in Austria and in Switzerland. Jenny understands the business advantages of a representative, well-designed, fully functional website, intranet, or both and works with diverse, international clients to achieve these goals.

  • Marc Trummer
    Marc Trummer

    Customer relationship manager

    Tel.:  +41786276619
    Marc is the Nemetos Client Relationship manager for the DACH region. He has several years of experience in near- and off-shoring, having lead project, support and tester-teams in Warsaw, Poland and Bangalore, India for a global company. His technical background is in electronic engineering and information technology. 
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Ukraine, Kharkiv
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  • Country Ukraine
  • Office Kharkiv Office
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  • Alexandr Serogin
    Alexander Serogin

    Manager Nemetos Ukraine

    Tel.: +380 961 512 790
    Alexander has a technical background and a degree in Software development. He has been working with Sitecore solutions since 2005, and has been involved in the development of over 30 Sitecore solutions as a Developer and Solution Architect.
  • Roman Melnyk
    Roman Melnyk

    Manager Nemetos Ukraine

    Tel.: +380 639 627 842

    Roman is a Development Manager for the development team in Nemetos Ukraine. He is responsible for the day to day management of our development team in the region and is the development lead for several client projects.

    Roman has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering from Kharkiv National Aerospace University.  He has been working with Sitecore solutions since 2005 and has been involved in the development of over 40 Sitecore solutions as a Developer, Solution Architect and Project Lead.

  • Anastasia Lipatova
    Anastasia Lipatova

    Senior Project Manager

    Anastasia holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from the National University of Economics, Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is responsible for leading development teams, managing project deliverables and meeting project objectives . Anastasia is skilled in working with different versions of the Sitecore CMS and experienced in collaborating with customers in many European countries and the USA.
  • Natalie Shestopalvola
    Natalie Shestopalova

    Senior Project Manager

    Tel.: +38 0990255592
    Natalia is a Project Manager with over 4 years experience in managing web and mobile projects. Natalia has a thorough knowledge of product development and solid experience in analysing, clarifying and documenting business requirements. She collaborates with multiple teams across different geographies to deliver high quality results. She is a result oriented leader who aims to resolve issues and consistently implement effective solutions. 

Romania, Cluj-Napoca
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  • Country Romania
  • Office Cluj-Napoca Office
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  • Nicolae Laslo

    Development Manager

    Tel.: +40 734 686 405

    Nicolae has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been working with Sitecore solutions since 2005, since then he has been involved in the development of over 30 Sitecore solutions acting as a developer and solution architect
  • Paul Marza
    Paul Marza

    Manager Nemetos Romania

    Tel.: +40 771735943

    Paul is one of the Managers for Nemetos in Romania and an experienced Technical Project Manager. He has extensive knowledge and experience of software development, project management, team leadership and people management.

    Paul leads the development teams in the Romanian office, as well as providing support to clients. Paul has a strong technical background and extensive knowledge of Sitecore. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

  • Alexandru Branea
    Alexandru Branea

    Technical Project Manager

    Tel.: +40 755 984 109

    Alex is an experienced Project Manager working in the Nemetos Romania office. He specialises in iterative and incremental and Agile approaches, particularly using the Scrum framework. Alex is responsible for managing projects for Nemetos clients, attending sales, strategy and technical workshops. He also informs our project management procedures and best-practices.

    Prior to becoming a Project Manager, Alex worked as a Web Developer, mainly with .NET and Microsoft related technologies.


  • "We work with a dedicated Technical project manager at Nemetos and their Sitecore developers provide development expertise on our support and development tasks. We have had a very productive and successful collaboration and I am confident that Nemetos have been the best choice for us as our Sitecore partner."
    Numir Ali

    Numair Ali

    Online IT Specialist, Arag NL

  • “Nemetos have been an excellent support partner for our 3 websites
    which sit on the  Sitecore platform. 

    Over the last 3 years they have worked on the implementation of new website designs and upgrading our sites to the latest Sitecore versions as well as providing day to day support.”

    MFA logo

    Stephanie Cauvet

    Marketing Manager MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico, LLP

  • "We had a team of 8 experienced .NET developers tasked with developing a Sitecore website. Nemetos provided an experienced Sitecore developer and
    trainer who spent 5 days getting the team up to speed. She covered our specific requirements and more."
    DSI Logo

    Martin Fenton

    Technical Lead, DeCare Systems, Ireland

  • "Nemetos has supported the G4S Global suite of websites since 2011.  
    We rely on Nemetos to maintain our solution, specify and produce new features and upgrade our solution when needed. Nemetos provide us with technical expertise, solid communication and expert technical project management ensuring our online presence is fully supported."
    Charlotte Borthwick

    Charlotte Borthwick

    Group Digital Communications Manager

  • "We chose Nemetos as our solution partner because they had a large, scalable team. Our priority was to speed up our management process, while investing in a solid, future proof system that could integrate with our salesforce CRM. Nemetos offered expertise and support over a 5 year period, until we were able to manage the sites ourselves internally."
    Jason Wheeler

    Jason Wheeler

    Information Architect and Creative Web Director


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