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What sets our work apart?  

We build websites using Sitecore: Gartner’s top platform for seven years straight. The flexibility and scalability of Sitecore enables businesses to keep pace in an ever-evolving digital world. This, combined with our unrivalled Sitecore expertise and experience, enables businesses to grow and advance their digital presence, continuously. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our clients say.  

We can't list all of the sites we have built here out of respect for confidentiality, but if you're looking for a specific reference then give us a call.

Selected References

SGS reference site image


We worked with SGS to build a brand new website using Sitecore.

This unique challenge required the merging and streamlining of 215 mini-sites, written in a number of languages, into one web platform and presence. 

Our work enabled SGS to present a coherent and consistent brand to their visitors. 

Hult reference site image

We worked with HULT International Business School on a series of website and web application projects between 2011 and 2015.  

The website, which provides an informational hub for current and future students, has also been created to act as structured sales channel that allows HULT to broaden their marketing reach. 


G4S reference site image


G4S approached us looking for a solution that was secure, multi-lingual and that allows each country to manage their own content. They were also looking for daily support, development and upgrades for their global suite of websites. 

We have been working together in partnership since 2011, and worked on a number of projects focused on security, ease of editorial, 3rd party integrations and development projects. 

Arag reference site image


Arag appointed Nemetos as their Sitecore partner to provide ongoing support and develop some new payment features and integrations for their site. 

With the support of our technical team, Arag were able to upgrade key features of digital functionality – including payments and the introduction of SalesForce.



We were enlisted by MFA to create three websites, each representing each of their business specialisms. 

A key benefit of using Sitecore is that you can host all of your company sites on the same solution with the same licence. Our experienced Sitecore developers were able to create the three websites using common templates and functional specifications. 

Icopal reference site image


We provided support and development skill for an international roofing company.

MCI reference site image


We were engaged by MCI to create a central hub that would give brand consistency while allowing for the provision of local content and language. 
We were challenged with adding in the ability for local organisations to build their own profiles on the central site with easing the translation process. 

BCCD reference site image


The primary purpose of the BCCD website is to provide members with up to date information on the activities of the BCCD. 

Our solution integrates the Newsletter mailing module, which creates the ‘eShots’ based directly on Site content so there is no need for replication or repetition.



The MOU website delivers inspiration for soup lovers through user-friendly websites that host great recipes and quick tips. 

Using Sitecore, we embedded the MOU site in the main structure of the Tulip Food Company’s larger presence. A fun challenge included the incorporation of a weather indicator that shows visitors whether it is “Mou weather” – i.e. time for soup based on information from Google.



The Goel website provides inspiration and chef’s tips for consumers of the Goel sausages, hotdogs and Frankfurters. 
We used Sitecore to integrate a product selector that would allow visitors to personalise the recipes in their view.

Efterskole reference site image


The Efterskolen website bridges the gap between their print and web media.The brand needs to be easily recognisable between media. 

One of our biggest challenges was maintaining the Efterskolen Magazine design on their website. We did this by replicating elements of the magazine design in an online format, using a variety of Content controlled flash elements.

Tulip reference site image


Running on the latest version of Sitecore, the Tulip website runs a multi-site solution with many of the sites running in multiple languages, supporting mobile devices and GeoIP detection for improved customer service.



Sunstore belongs to the GaleniCare Group and has offered the online sale of perfumery and drugstore items since 2009. 

We divided 15,000 products into 9,000 products with 6,000, variants, making it easier for the user to search products. 



We were initially engaged to manage the migration of the Amavita website to a new CMS without any visible or functional impact for the user.

Following it's successful implementation, we then re-designed the website to improve functionality and usability. 



The FENS website is an expert knowledge-sharing platform for 41 Neuroscience societies

One of the key development challenges for the site was the ‘AMS’ – essentially a database for all societies and members. This was a key feature for improving their member management online.
Our solution has an advanced event finder and a schools program finder.


  • "We work with a dedicated Technical project manager at Nemetos and their Sitecore developers provide development expertise on our support and development tasks. We have had a very productive and successful collaboration and I am confident that Nemetos have been the best choice for us as our Sitecore partner."
    Numir Ali

    Numair Ali

    Online IT Specialist, Arag NL

  • “Nemetos have been an excellent support partner for our 3 websites
    which sit on the  Sitecore platform. 

    Over the last 3 years they have worked on the implementation of new website designs and upgrading our sites to the latest Sitecore versions as well as providing day to day support.”

    MFA logo

    Stephanie Cauvet

    Marketing Manager MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico, LLP

  • "We had a team of 8 experienced .NET developers tasked with developing a Sitecore website. Nemetos provided an experienced Sitecore developer and
    trainer who spent 5 days getting the team up to speed. She covered our specific requirements and more."
    DSI Logo

    Martin Fenton

    Technical Lead, DeCare Systems, Ireland

  • "Nemetos has supported the G4S Global suite of websites since 2011.  
    We rely on Nemetos to maintain our solution, specify and produce new features and upgrade our solution when needed. Nemetos provide us with technical expertise, solid communication and expert technical project management ensuring our online presence is fully supported."
    Charlotte Borthwick

    Charlotte Borthwick

    Group Digital Communications Manager

  • "We chose Nemetos as our solution partner because they had a large, scalable team. Our priority was to speed up our management process, while investing in a solid, future proof system that could integrate with our salesforce CRM. Nemetos offered expertise and support over a 5 year period, until we were able to manage the sites ourselves internally."
    Jason Wheeler

    Jason Wheeler

    Information Architect and Creative Web Director

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