Quality Assurance and Testing

We know that Quality Assurance is crucial so we approach it at a number of levels to ensure that we’re always delivering great websites.

Level 1

The first level of testing is delivered by our developers. Working with the tools in Microsoft’s Visual Studio, as well as code testing tools like ReSharper and Webstorm, we run quality and structural testing on every piece of our code.

Level 2

The second stage of testing is completed in the early stages of Agile. First tests are defined for all user stories going into a sprint. These tests are then built into our Gemini Countersoft task tracking tool, and run at the end of each sprint. This ensures that all user stories deliver as they should and comply with their defined tests.

Level 3

The third level of testing is achieved at the deployment phase. We run automated tests using Selenium tools on the User Acceptance, Pre Live and Live server. Which test we run depends on the infrastructure of your website, but all our automated testing supports our proven Continuous Delivery methods

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