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The Nemetos team is a multi-cultural, multi-geographical team of the finest developers, UXers and project managers.

We work hard to ensure that our team really are the best of the best.

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Sebastian Remp

Sebastian Remp

Account Manager, Hamburg office
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James Derry

James Derry

CFO and Co-Founder, London office
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James trained initially as a Chemical Engineer (Imperial College London) and has subsequently spent time with a number of companies, such as Accenture and Ericsson, in both strategic and marketing roles. James brings to the client a combination of technical understanding and strategy which gives and edge in online marketing.

James has worked with .NET based content management systems since 2000 and as Marketing Director for Sitecore Group gained a depth of understanding for both the product an

Michael Haahr

Michael Haahr

CTO, London office
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Passionate about digital technology and using it to bring value to clients.

With a background in development, technical pre-sales, architecture and managing development teams I head up the technical side of Nemetos working closely with all parts of the business.

I enjoy all aspects of technical delivery from getting involved with understanding client requirements to ensuring robust and consistent


Lucy Foster

Client Success Manager, London office
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Danjal Joensen

CEO and Co-Founder,
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Katya Dunitz

Katya Dunitz

General Counsel, London office
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Alexandra Brind

Financial Controller, London office
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Alex Branea

Alex Branea

Partner & Project Management Consultant, Cluj Napoca office
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Sergiu Bretan

Sergiu Bretan

Partner & .NET Consultant, Cluj Napoca office
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Adi Staicu

Adrian Staicu

Project Management Consultant, Cluj Napoca office
Miron Sucila

Miron Sucilă

HR Manager, Cluj Napoca office
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Alexander Serogin

Alexandr Serogin

Technical Director, Kharkiv Office
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Natalie Shestopalova

Natalie Shestopalova

Technical Project Manager, Kharkiv Office
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