Arag International Insurance

Arag is one of the world’s leading Legal insurance providers. For more than 50 years, the company has successfully operated on an international scale. Today, the ARAG Group operates in 16 countries, including the United States, and holds a leading position in many international legal insurance markets. They provide legal aid for policy holders and non-insured individuals or companies, and other types of insurance. They also function as a financial service provider for debt collection issues. Arag in the Netherlands employs over 600 people and sold €134million worth of policies in 2015.

Arag Solution

Arag appointed Nemetos as their Sitecore partner in Autumn 2014 to provide ongoing support and develop some new features for their site,

Integrating Ogone payment system

Arag had a requirement to replace their existing payment system with the Ogone payment system. Nemetos worked with Ogone to complete a full integration, security compliance and delivery of the new payment system to Arag NL.

Implementing Salesforce functionality

Arag was using Kana Trinicom as a database for their knowledge articles. This was a system that was difficult and costly to maintain. Arag’s strategy was to adopt SalesForce, therefore the business decision was to move knowledge articles from Trinicom to SalesForce and integrate this into Sitecore. For this task, Nemetos collaborated with a specialist company that was hired to perform the migration of articles. Nemetos then managed the integration of Salesforce into Sitecore, by implementing the SalesForce API to provide access to articles and search results.


Arag wanted to have a blog on their website and Nemetos integrated WeBlog, a Sitecore module that works on WebForms, and modified the standard module to work with MVC.

Salesforce POC

As an extension of the move towards SalesForce, Nemetos also worked on a proof of concept for integrating a form from Sitecore into Salesforce and performing file uploads into SalesForce using this form. We successfully integrated the API methods that were used to save the form data into Salesforce.

We work with a dedicated Technical project manager at Nemetos and their Sitecore developers provide development expertise on our support and development tasks. We have had a very productive and successful collaboration and I am confident that Nemetos have been the best choice for us as our Sitecore partner.

Numair Ali, Arag

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The Result

With the support of the Nemetos technical team, Arag were able to upgrade key features of digital functionality – payments and introducing SalesForce. This allows their digital team to manage their digital strategy with the confidence that they are using the best tools to support their technical strategy.

As part of our support service, Nemetos also ran a 2 day workshop with Arag to help them work through their digital strategy and update them on Sitecore features.