Hult International Business School

HULT International Business School is a global institution that transforms lives by providing a valuable and enduring education that brings together people, cultures, and ideas from all around the world.  Founded in 1964, HULT is now the world's largest graduate business school.

Hult Solution

The HULT project includes several solutions, most of which are built in the latest versions of Sitecore. Nemetos worked on the following sites:

HULT International Business School

  • The main HULT website, is built in the latest version of Sitecore and allows students to browse the courses, register for events and apply online.
  • The main website is fully integrated with Salesforce, data from the forms completed online by the student is entered directly into Salesforce.
  • This process increased Hult’s revenue by 5% in the first year. 
  • HULT managed to improve student course applications overall. We identified how HULT could follow up and help students that did not complete forms.
  • We revived and provided students with options when a course was fully booked.  
  • The HULT Sales teams were better equipped to increase applications as they were working with accurate information.

HULT prize

The HULT Prize Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to launching the world's next wave of social entrepreneurs. It encourages the world's brightest business minds to compete in teams to solve the planet's biggest challenges with innovative ideas for sustainable start-up enterprises. Annual HULT Prize winners can make their ideas reality with the help of $1million in seed funding.

HULT online application

We developed the HULT Student Application site that allows applicants to apply online for one of HULT’s study programmes. The user can create a profile, complete their online application and submit all supporting materials for their application.


The responsive myHULT feature enables applicants and students to manage their HULT journey online via iPads, mobile or desktop. The students can create a private profile, which is pre-populated from the HULT Salesforce CRM. They can then access all data about their courses, events and other information relating to their time with HULT.

The main focus was to make it really user-friendly. When the student signed up for the myHULT, they had to fill out an eight step sign-up form with all the relevant student information. This helped HULT create the basis for a really strong student portal.

HULT Housing

The HULT housing feature is a website offering housing options for students. It shows pricing, offers tours of the student campuses and available apartments. It is a straightforward brochure website, offering accommodation for students.

We chose Nemetos as our solution partner because they had a large, scalable team. Our priority was to speed up our management process, while investing in a solid, future proof system that could integrate with our salesforce CRM. Nemetos offered expertise and support over a 5 year period, until we were able to manage the sites ourselves internally.

Jason Wheeler, Hult International

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Hult Application
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The Results

HULT achieved their main aims, which were:

  • To accelerate the management and development processes
  • To improve the visual design
  • To improve the website architecture, provide an intuitive interface, and be ‘future-proof’
  • For non-technical users to be able to create forms that would be integrated with their Salesforce CRM
  • For  non-technical users to easily create new campaign landing pages.

Technical results 

  • Integration with Salesforce means that visitors to the site, who express an interest in studying with the institution, can be contacted as part of the standard business flow within the Salesforce CRM. They can also sign up for courses and events. This increased the number of successful applications.
  • HULT marketers and recruiters can now use tools such as Web Forms for Marketers to quickly create forms on the website as required.
  • The new design has placed a heavy focus on using the Sitecore CMS to construct a two level navigation to simplify the process of finding information between those who are first time visitors and those returning and looking for specific information.
  • The HULT in-house editorial team can now manage and update their own websites and campaigns quickly and efficiently. This gives HULT a profound business advantage as they can advertise courses as soon as they are developed, update them when the course information changes and easily process applications which are fully integrated with their Salesforce CRM. The efficiency of the online process and management of customer data - using one source - saves HULT money and time and allows them to offer a more professional service.

At its initial launch, the site won Sitecore site of the year 2011.