Sitecore Training

Sitecore Training

Our Sitecore training doesn't stop with our own team. We offer all clients training to up-skill their internal teams, providing tailored courses which build on the basic Sitecore training to fully understand the work on your custom-built site.

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Our Training Services

To realise the benefits of the Sitecore Experience Editor, training of teams is essential. By providing tips and governance, you can react quickly to your business environment whilst maintaining consistency across your brand.

Our highly skilled team of developers are able to support clients wherever and whenever they need it. But we also know that up-skilling internal teams is an important part of the process. We are fully certified to train your internal team and transfer our expert knowledge onto you – so that you can manage your Sitecore platform(s) effectively, moving forward.

We encourage our clients to build-up internal competencies by using quick and easy Sitecore training courses. But our training is designed to provide greater, more in-depth insight into your own custom-build website.

In addition, we offer both formal and informal editor and administrator training to all of our clients, and their support contracts, across the globe.