B2B2C Websites

Why Companies are looking to B2B2C websites

Companies can no longer rely on traditional distribution networks to do their marketing for them.

Around 80% of consumers now research products online and compare an average of four competing products before making a purchasing decision. Businesses must begin looking beyond the traditional business-to-business (B2B) model and build relationships directly with their end-customers, to compete.

Businesses need to insert themselves into the consumer purchasing decision to do this.

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The Solution? A B2B2C website

Rather than relying on selling to a distributing agent or retail partner, businesses need to work harder to educate consumers about their products. In turn: 

  • Understanding and build relationships with end- customers
  • Complementing your distributors’ marketing efforts

The result? A merging of the B2B and B2C models to create a new B2B2C concept, where companies take a dual focus on building relationships with traditional distribution partners and end-consumers. A B2B2C website provides a space where consumers can come to learn about your products, before they enter the retail space.

Working with Nemetos

At Nemetos, we have a portfolio of effective digital strategy implementations with manufacturers including Leister, Feller, Jura, Phase One and Crown Paint

Work with us to develop a tailored digital strategy, that puts your customers back at the centre.

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Leister extended personalised customer experience to digital customers, by helping their end-consumers search, compare and select specialised systems in over 100 languages