Corporate Data Responsibility, CDR

Corporate Data Responsibility and GDPR Webinar

by James Derry

On May 9th 2018 we ran a 45 minute webinar (see below) covering 5 steps that you need to take on your website to progress towards GDPR compliance. We have summarised the steps in an easy to read download that could form part of your GDPR policy. Click on the link below to download

If you didn’t manage to make the webinar, or you’d like to share the information with your colleagues, then you can listen in on the video below.

This is a 45 minute video presented by James Derry, Co-Founder of Nemetos, and Katya Dunitz, General Counsel for Nemetos. It covers at a high level the legal aspects of GDPR and how that directly affects the Personally Identifiable Information you collect and store on your website. It also covers some practical steps that can be taken to already commence the compliance process.

Coupled with this video are a number of articles in our blog that give some additional aspects of the different areas of compliance that should be considered:

  1. 1. Corporate Data Responsibility
  2. 2. Personalisation and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  3. 3. How to avoid a #DeleteFacebook debacle: CDR surfacing solutions
  4. 4.  Responsible PII Practices