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Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They have two Sitecore websites: and Tearfund Learn.

Tearfund Metrics Snapshot

  • Two new websites built in Sitecore 9
  • Responsive design
  • Improved page views, average time spent on page, and exit rate on
  • Week on week improvement in average time spent on page and bounce rate on Tearfund Learn


From our initial scoping conversations, right through to delivery, Nemetos were helpful, professional, and collaborative. It was great to work with all the team. We now have two new websites that are performing well and meeting our user and business needs

Hannah Graham - Head of Digital at Tearfund

The Challenge

Tearfund had two websites that were built on a legacy CMS which was no longer going to be supported by Sitecore. As such, they used this as an opportunity to look at how their websites were meeting audience needs and to improve support experience.

As they did not have the necessary technical expertise required to migrate to the new version of Sitecore, they needed help from a Sitecore specialist agency with the initial setup and training on the new tools and concepts.

They also knew that in order to complete the project within the ambitious timelines required, they would need extra capacity and to work with an organisation who had lots of experience developing on Sitecore. It was for these reasons that they came to Nemetos.

Tearfund website on computer screen

Our Process

To do this, we worked with Tearfund through from the scoping phase to the final delivery to launch two new websites on Sitecore 9.

At Nemetos, we became part of the Tearfund team, fitting into their ways of working and embracing Tearfund’s culture in order to create a positive working environment.

Communication was key to the success of this collaboration, and at Nemetos, we ensured that we were clear on expectations, time available, and budget throughout. Tearfund also met regularly with our Client Director who oversaw the project progress.

What’s more, Nemetos were able to help not just with the development itself, but with a lot of the key decision-making at the start of the project, for example, whether to use Headless JSS or not.

In the final weeks approaching launch, the Nemetos team worked tirelessly and as if they were part of the Tearfund internal team (as they did throughout the project), in order to successfully launch within the required timeline.

The Results and Tearfund Learn both launched in December 2020 as genuine MVPs, within budget and before the legacy system’s support was removed.

Tearfund is now on a fully supported version of Sitecore that will be supported until 31st December 2027.

This brings security, performance and maintenance benefits.

The collaboration between Tearfund and Nemetos was a success, and as such, to support Tearfund’s strategy and continued growth, Tearfund have continued to work with Nemetos developers in 2021 in order to help iterate on their newly launched MVP websites.


Some key metrics for the new websites include:
  • On, page views have improved.
  • On, average time spent on page has improved.
  • On, exit rate has improved.
  • On Tearfund Learn, there is a week on week improvement in average time spent on page and bounce rate.