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Have you benefitted from Sitecore 9 yet?

Mainstream support for Sitecore version 7.2 and 7.5 has now ceased, it is time to upgrade your system and move to Sitecore 9. Experience a host of new features and enhance your investment in your Sitecore Solution.

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Sitecore 9 is now shipping

It’s time to upgrade your system and move to Sitecore 9. Stand out or get left behind

Save yourself time and money further down the line, and benefit from full-functionality and full-feature personalization offered by the latest Sitecore software by regularly updating, optimising and upgrading your Sitecore solution.

There are an array of innovative enhancements and powerful features offered with the new release, enabling your system to remain versatile, intelligent and flexible. These include:

  1. xConnect
  2. Sitecore Forms
  3. Email and Marketing Automation
  4. Authentication
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Headless Content
  7. Security

As well as being fully GDPR compliant.

Additionally, the good news is that if you have a support and maintenance agreement with Sitecore, you are entitled to upgrade to the latest version of the software at no additional cost. Take the opportunity to rebuild and refresh your Sitecore solution.

As experienced Sitecore developers, we are able to provide a range of upgrade support options from taking full ownership of the upgrade to supporting and advising our clients’ internal teams to deliver the upgrade.

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