Coveo Sitecore split

Coveo for Sitecore

We are proud to have Coveo as a key partner at Nemetos. Their simple to understand User Interface, powerful AI search technology, and close integration with Sitecore makes them the ideal intelligent search solution for many of our clients.

Coveo has continuously been recognised as the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

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Our partner Coveo

At Nemetos we have worked with Sitecore solutions for over a decade. In that time we have seen a number of different search solutions for the platform. Coveo represents a step change in the technology and embraces the use of AI to enhance the search results. 

In order to deliver the best in Sitecore combined with Coveo, we have certified all of our .NET developers in both platforms.

Read more about Coveo for Sitecore and watch the video

Coveo has also allowed us to grasp the user journey on our site allowing us to cater the customer’s real needs as opposed to our perception, enabling reduced friction in surfacing the pages they want. Nemetos have been essential partners in implementing this solution, with depth of knowledge accompanied by enthusiasm in implementing a solution of personalised search journeys for our customers.

Elis Bebb, Healthspan

How can Coveo help me?

Coveo’s customers range from finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, technology, and everything in between. All of these clients need to manage large and complex information and knowledge resources, and Coveo helps them to deliver this to their customers fast and efficiently.

They can support you in more than delivering relevant search results, but also to deliver and recommend products in commerce, help users and support agents resolve service queries without opening costly support tickets, and increasing employee knowledge and proficiency in internal workplaces. What’s more - you can tie them in with Sitecore’s Personalisation Engine to create a fully-integrated, relevance-driven journey across your whole digital experience.

How do we get started?

As we have worked with Coveo across several different clients and projects, getting started is incredibly easy. Get in touch today and we will see how we can help bring intelligent search and navigation to your website.