G4S is the world's leading global security and outsourcing group, which specialises in outsourcing business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S is the largest employer on the London Stock Exchange, with operations in more than 120 countries and over 620,000 employees.

Corporate Identity across a global market with flexibility for local adaptations:

www.g4S.com, www.g4si.com, www.amag.com, www.g4sriskconsulting.com

Challenges Faced

Nemetos inherited the Solution from a previous agency in 2011. G4S were looking for daily support for the solution which the previous agency had not offered.

G4S needed us to support a robust, market leading solution that would enable them to host 120+ websites on one CMS, edited by locally based editors in multiple languages.

  • The bulk of the sites are G4S country specific sites that needed to offer news, jobs, and information on service provision in that region.
  • The countries are located in 6 regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and around a quarter of the sites offer the information in multiple languages including Chinese, Arabic and Russian.
  • The solution had to support additional businesses on their Sitecore solution: G4S PLC, G4S Technology, G4S international Logistics and G4S Risk Consulting.
  • There were security considerations as G4S are a large security firm and are a prime target for malicious attacks.
  • G4S are the largest employer on the London stock exchange and have huge numbers of vacancies globally updated on a daily basis.
  • There is a small digital team of 2 who manage around 50 editors globally

Solutions Provided


  • Nemetos provide consistent daily support offering G4S the security to progress with their global website strategy. 
  • We enable secure access for 100+ editors across all countries.
  • We provide rapid response to new feature requests and support tickets and scale up with larger tasks because we have a large team of certified Sitecore developers.
  • Nemetos implemented a project to strengthen security using Dosarrest - which filters bad requests sent to the site by malicious users.


  • We have configured the solution to allow G4S to share content, templates and functionality providing cost savings for the organisation in terms of training, development and support costs.
  • We provide editorial support and bespoke tools which make the site manageable for the small internal digital team.
  • Our Sitecore templates support R to L layouts for relevant languages.
  • Character limits for content areas to manage the challenges posed by multiple languages.
  • Implementation of workflow for publishing and checking content • Landing page carousels with still slides or video content.
  • News stories for media and investors and a searchable news story archive • Bespoke email mailing tool and subscriber management for corporate site.
  • Signposting to key social media touchpoints: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

3rd party integration:

  • Integration of 3rd party “Forward search” specialist Sitecore search tools across all sites - search results page customised to main site design.
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM for lead generation.
  • Integration with G4S careers portals allowing latest jobs feed to appear on key landing pages.
  • Graphs from 3rd party organisation showing live share price feeds for investors.

Upgrades and Development projects:

  • In 2012, Nemetos completed a full upgrade to the latest Sitecore version.
  • In 2014, we worked with a strategic design agency who created a new design and content approach for all G4S site homepages.
  • We implemented the new responsive design across all key pages on the site modernising the look and feel and functionality of the home page enabling users to access the site via mobile and tablet.
  • In 2016, we are currently working on a complete site rebuild and redesign in the latest Sitecore version 8.1, using an MVC approach. The fully responsive site is built using specifically designed components which can be reused by editors across all sites. The editors will be able to use the Page editor feature so they can edit all content on screen. All features of the Sitecore CXP - Customer experience platform - will be implemented so that G4S can use the suite of Sitecore marketing tools allowing personalisation of content, split testing and engagement automation.

    This site went live in summer 2016
Nemetos has supported the G4S Global suite of websites since 2011. We rely on Nemetos to maintain our solution, specify and produce new features, and upgrade our solution when needed. Nemetos provides us with technical expertise, solid communication and expert technical project management - ensuring our online presence is fully supported.

Charlotte Borthwick, G4S


G4S have a fully supported solution:

  • Ease of use by editors allowing them to keep all content up to date and relevant.
  • Workflow and improvement to templates with dynamically shared content allows the editors to add and publish content more efficiently, saving time, cost and resource.
  • Four G4S businesses were all able to use the same adaptable templates which saved each business cost on front end design and development while ensuring all G4S subsidiary businesses use the same branding.
  • There was an internal saving of on training staff as all editors use the same system and training materials.
  • They are able to run all corporate websites on one Sitecore solution and licenses for all businesses and upgrade and update their website when needed. This saves them a percentage of their web budget for the previous year as they are only supporting one CMS, hosting environment and a single search service.
  • G4S has a dedicated Technical Project Manager, a Customer Account manager and an experienced support and development team.
  • For day to day support, we use a support and development approach where a support task is added to our Gemini online support system, who estimates and works on them based on priority assigned by the client. G4S have a fixed number of support hours allocated each month.
  • For separate development projects we use an agile/ scrum approach where work is defined in a product backlog and added to short development sprints. A Product owner from G4S is involved with sprint planning and defining tasks.
  • We work collaboratively with design and strategic agencies and implement the technical functionality to support the visual customer journey and experience. The product owner is involved in regular sprint planning and sprint testing at each development stage, allowing them to actively respond to work in progress and ensure the product meets the needs of their organisation.
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