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Whether you’re looking to begin your digital evolution with Sitecore, or eager to get more out of your current Sitecore installation; we can help. At Nemetos, further to the full implementation of a new Sitecore solution, we offer a range of service that help you to evaluate what you have, map out where you want to go, and take the next crucial steps on your digital journey.

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Buuld and Architecture

Sitecore Development

A Sitecore partner since 2007, we've worked on every major version of Sitecore.

We're completely dedicated and 100% focussed on the Sitecore solution.

We have over 60 Sitecore certifcations and 40 certified Sitecore Developers. We can help you build, tweak, tune and stretch your Sitecore Solution to its full capability.

Keyboard and Mouse

.NET Development

We deliver .NET applications and Sitecore solutions. Sitecore is built in the .NET framework and therefore is naturally extended and integrated with other .NET platforms.

We maintain a rigorous training program to stay abreast of the latest technologies, software, tools and platforms to enable us to build the best .NET and Sitecore projects.

Mac and Desk

Front End Development

Our highly skilled front-end developers handle the delivery of your website.

This team ensures that the site looks and feels beautiful and delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience. We love building websites that bring your ideas to life.

Keyboard and Stats

Quality Assurance

We use continuous delivery and continuous integration to assure the quality of our deliverables. We are actively driving our clients towards architectures that support Continuous Integration and are using Continuous deployment methods to ensure Content Relevance.

iPhone and iWatch

Project Management

We offer specialist project management to ensure that website development projects run smoothly and are always pain free.

We've been putting Agile into practice by adopting the Scrum software development framework on all products that we've developed - with several positive changes for our clients.

Phone and sketches

UX and UI

At Nemetos, our expertise lie in delivering fantastic websites. We provide the technical arm that enables creative ideas come to life.

Before development, we use prototyping tools to translate initial designs into fully-functioning components that work in Sitecore.

Sitecore Training

Sitecore Training

Our Sitecore training doesn't stop with our own team. We offer all clients training to up-skill their internal teams, providing tailored courses which build on the basic Sitecore training to fully understand the work on your custom-built site.