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Design Sprints

At Nemetos, we have a long history of working with Agile. From our developers to our designers, we believe everyone benefits from the effective and time-efficient outcomes of sprints, and so we always use an Agile process across your projects.
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Creative problem solving at half the cost

Design sprints allow us to fail fast and fail early, validating our outputs and designs with frequent user testing. By cycling through iterations quickly we can answer critical business questions early on, allowing us to avoid long and costly design processes dictated by opinion.

Sprint planning

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Fast-paced and efficient

We create roadmaps for our design sprints at the beginning of every project, so we can prioritise targets, with each sprint running for one or two weeks, depending on the project. This results in innovative and effective solutions to big user and business problems in a short time frame.

All hands on deck

During sprints, we like to conduct workshops with members of your team and get stuck into the details. In the early stages, we use an abundance of post-it notes, sharpies, pencil sketches, and whiteboards to get all our ideas on to paper, to create the foundation on which we will work.

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