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User Experience Design is the practice of putting people at the heart of your design thinking from the very start. By thoughtfully designed solutions based on a collaboration with your users, we can make sure your users will become a more engaged and enthused customer base.
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Before putting pen to paper, we must first understand the problems at the heart of a project. To do this we talk to your stakeholders, hold workshops, and evaluate your current digital services to build a picture of your online presence and how you view and interact with your users.

Skilled in qualitative and quantitative research methods, our designers will then use all the necessary tools to understand your users needs and goals. No one way is right and we will be sure to work with you to find the discovery process that nets the most value to your business.

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Once the key insights have been gathered, our designers move to the synthesis stage. Here, they analyse the data to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities, which are then used to create artefacts, such as personas and journey maps. They work with your team to define the rest of the project.


With alignment on the problems and opportunities, our designers will work with you to ideate the perfect solution. Using techniques such as brainwriting, crazy 8s, and innovation workshops to get the juices flowing, our designers then test the ideas with users to find the solution that fits.

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Developing the best ideas, our designers create low-to-mid fidelity wireframe prototypes so users can test them, before moving onto higher-fidelity versions. Fail fast, fail early is at the heart of how we work, allowing us to swiftly iterate on ideas so we land on the perfect design.


Throughout a project we will constantly validate our findings with users, ensuring that we stay on track. When it comes to the prototype we test as early and as often as possible to find any faults and iterate on the designs before a line of code is ever written.

Testing is a vital part in the process, since it not only cuts down development time and costs, but provides a measurable evaluation of how far the new design improves customer satisfaction and ease of use.

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Established process: customised delivery

We believe that designing needs to be flexible and iterative to allow for innovation and creativity, but we also like to follow established design processes to guide our thinking and output. That is why we work to understand and adapt our processes to your unique project needs.

Creating an experience that engages and retains users is essential to succeeding in the digital age. We can help you understand how to capture the attention of customers, and keep them coming back to your business for years to come.

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