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Visual Design

Visual design is the utilisation of colour, typography, illustration, animation, photography, spacing, and layout to engage our attention. At Nemetos, we believe visual design is a key component of a user’s journey throughout a website, and it is vital to get it right.
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Beautiful designs powered by you

Our designers work closely with you to ensure we capture what makes your brand different. We then test our designs with your users to ensure the aesthetics of the brand are appealing, so you end up with a beautiful design that your customers will love to use.

Design through principles

Good designs are built using design principles that go beyond just best practice. They are created specifically around your project and set up a framework within which we can come up with some great designs. These principles ensure that anything we create will be in-line with your brand.

Idea generation process

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Methods that work

From moodboards to desirability testing, we can guide you through the steps of an effective visual design process. By working to understand your goals, and listening to real users’ thoughts on the brand identity, we can make designs that stay relevant and appealing to your customers.

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