Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Using continuous delivery and integration, our QA team ensures the quality of our deliverables is always to the highest standard. Since these methods keep your site current and up-to-date we do encourage clients to choose architectures that support continuous integration and deployment.
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Quality Assurance Services

Testing, testing and more testing is at the heart of what we do. We test our code as we build, and in tandem with continuous delivery we use automated testing methods to ensure code quality.

Quality Assurance Technologies

The ability to roll out changes from a development environment to a live environment, smoothly and continuously, is key for any major site. To do this you need the right cloud environment, skills and methodologies, something we have a proven track record of at Nemetos. This enables newly built websites to be moved from pre-live to a live environment at top speed.

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It's fair to say we've built a lot of websites over the years and can bring that expertise and good practice to your next project. 

Project Mangement →

Our project managers ensure that any project we run goes as smoothly as possible.