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.NET Development

Our talented teams of developers have been delivering .NET and Sitecore development services since 2008. This includes building new projects, reviewing and fixing unsatisfactory builds as well as providing ongoing support and maintenance of existing solutions.
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Highly skilled .NET developers

Our expert back-end .NET developers are the best of the best; devoted to ensuring that your site works at its full capacity, linking effortlessly with your other systems. Our developers are Sitecore certified and stay up-to-date with the latest certifications, changes and related technologies.

DevOps, CI and Automated Deployment services

Able to specify, design, develop and deliver all aspects of bringing a new project into production, our team is also capable of identifying ideal hosting options. Whether that’s a cloud service such as Azure or AWS or a solution that’s on-prem, we’re here to help.

Our DevOps and back-end developers are experienced using Azure and AWS environments, and know which tools to use for seamless and robust deployments. Able to prepare scripts, configure tools, and handover a proven process to the hosting provider, our team will also include detailed roll-back procedures, troubleshooting steps and recommended monitoring points.

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Nemetos and client cooperation

Setup to collaborate with internal teams, our developers have done so successfully with many of our clients across a variety of projects. We also offer training to ensure your team will understand how to get the most out of your solution by taking on some support internally.

We can work with your internal technical resources to deliver coordinated and focused project. We also offer training to technical staff to ensure you can keep it running at its full capacity long after launch, enabling you to take on some of the support internally and to upskill within your own organisation.

← Project Management

Our project managers ensure that any project we run goes as smoothly as possible.

Front End Development →

When it comes to transforming ideas into reality, our highly skilled front-end developers are here to realise yours.