Headless Strategy planning

Headless Strategy

We are always looking for ways to add flexibility and scalability to what we deliver for our clients. Headless is a perfect example. By separating the back-end, where content is created and stored, from where it is used (the head), managing content becomes a lot more streamlined and flexible
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It can be important for different departments or regional offices to run their own projects, whilst still keeping your branding and identity consistent. This can be a huge challenge, particularly for larger companies, but headless offers that centralised flexibility and scalability.

For example, if one team works on an app whilst another works on a mobile site, the projects do not need coordination. They share the same central store, meaning the regional teams can spend their time and budgets on specific ‘regional’ efforts, without your central team losing control.

How to get started?

Moving your existing channel solutions to headless all at once is possible, but not recommended since it is time consuming and costly. That is why we suggest a phased approach, especially since most good back-end systems, including Sitecore, allow headless strategies but take time to implement.


Contentful is a market-leading headless CMS.

Contentful was designed to help customers create omnichannel digital experiences, allowing your content editors to edit content from a single hub, distribute it across any digital channel, and with the ability to integrate with hundreds of other relevant tools and systems, including translation tools, ecommerce systems, and more.

As more and more of our customers move into a purely Headless approach, we are proud to help them achieve this through solutions such as Contentful.

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