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Language and Translations

Known for its strong multilingual capabilities, many customers choose Sitecore because of its translation features that feed directly into existing workflows, making it an ideal option for companies that operate worldwide.
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Multilingual Sites

Configurable so that translators can access the backend - without publishing rights (depending on your needs) - Sitecore is an ideal way to support websites with multiple languages. Going a step further, Sitecore also supports third-party connectors that can provide translation for you. Having used them in the past routinely, our recommended partner is LanguageWire.


At Nemetos, we are proud partners of LanguageWire. LanguageWire’s connector integrates with Sitecore seamlessly, helping automate content releases and allowing you to use your linguistic team of choice to keep your content consistent and brand-focused.

Sitecore’s custom Workflows can also help by delivering a simpler process for your internal teams to approve and publish translated content. Many of our clients have multiple sites with numerous languages, including G4S and SGS. Get in touch to see how we can support your language needs.

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