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Sitecore Development

A Sitecore partner since 2007, we've worked on every major version of Sitecore.

We're completely dedicated and 100% focussed on the Sitecore solution.

We have over 60 Sitecore certifcations and 40 certified Sitecore Developers. We can help you build, tweak, tune and stretch your Sitecore Solution to its full capability.

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Sitecore services

Sitecore is a leading web content management (CMS) platform. We’re big advocates of Sitecore, and so are Gartner - they’ve named it the top platform for 7 years straight. We fully believe that the flexibility and scalability of the platform fully enable client websites to respond and move as they evolve.

The flexibility and scalability of Sitecore means that websites built on this platform are not only able to adapt quickly in a fast-evolving digital world, but to fit in with new and exciting technologies.

Our developers are not only Sitecore certified; they’re always kept up to date with the latest changes in Sitecore. 

It's safe to say that Nemetos know Sitecore. They build to the current standards and latest techniques, and use the out-of-the-box capabilities to the maximum so they build fast, delivering well written, performant solutions.

Sitecore Technologie

Sitecore Technology

Sitecore is a Customer Engagement Platform, or framework, written in .NET.  It is incredibly flexible and extendible, so most of the systems we build will interface (using WebServices or through APIs) to other systems. These would commonly be your ERP (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics), CRM (Salesforce or Dynamics), DAM (Cellum, Adam), PIM (inRiver) or any other platform that provides an interface.

Sitecore Entwicklung