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.NET Development

We deliver .NET applications and Sitecore solutions. Sitecore is built in the .NET framework and therefore is naturally extended and integrated with other .NET platforms.

We maintain a rigorous training program to stay abreast of the latest technologies, software, tools and platforms to enable us to build the best .NET and Sitecore projects.

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.NET Languages and frameworks

Our ‘back-end’ team are .NET developers and Sitecore certified. Around the core framework of .NET we’re always looking for tools and software to improve the quality and performance of our code.

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.NET and Continuous Integration

If you’re used to deploying once per sprint, or perhaps more rarely, you probably aren’t using Continuous Integration, CI. We are actively driving our clients towards architectures that support Continuous Integration and are using Continuous deployment methods to allow for more regular and more predictable deployment processes.

We combine this with Automated Testing (typically using Selenium) to ensure that new features run smoothly in the live environment.

If your site needs regular updates (some of our clients deploy twice per day) then we can help you implement a robust CI solution.


.NET Cloud Technology

Moving your solution to the Cloud gives enormous advantages in terms of stability, security and scalability. Although we’ll happily work with “metal box” solutions, increasingly our clients are moving their environments into the Cloud. This may be a private Cloud (the preference of those with very high security requirements) or more commonly Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, AWS.

In addition to this, we’re Rackspace partners. They provide “fanatical support” around either their own rack solutions, or more commonly now, they will help us to manage the cloud solutions on Azure or AWS. This gives an additional layer of monitoring and security on the cloud hosting.

dotNET Cloud

.NET and Content Management

Sitecore is a leading web content management (CMS) platform which is now extended to encompass Customer Engagement and Digital Marketing. We’re big advocates of Sitecore, and so are Gartner - they’ve named it the top platform for 7 years straight. We fully believe that the flexibility and scalability of the platform fully enable client websites to respond and move as they evolve.

We’ve also chosen Sitecore as they continuously release new versions that include new features and functionality and leveraging the Sitecore out-of-the-box functionality avoids applying unnecessary custom frameworks and coding.

The Nemetos back-end developers have taken a strong foundation of .NET skills and built excellent Sitecore skills on that foundation. Its a very strong combination.

.NET Development Services

Our expert .NET developers are the best of the best; devoted to ensuring that your site works to the best of its ability and integrates, effortlessly, with all other systems. All of our ‘back-end’ developers are .NET programmers and Sitecore certified; they’re always kept up to date with the latest changes in Sitecore and related technology platforms.

We can deliver pure .NET applications and services as separate projects, or in combination with your Sitecore development.